Introduction: DIY a Silver Angel Wing Necklace With Beads and Wire

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Angel means truth, goodness and beauty; I believe wear an angel wing necklace will make you be lovely and elegant; you just need to prepare aluminum wire, some beads and so on. Well, let's start to make silver angle wing necklace now.

Step 1: Materials Needed in Making Silver Angel Wing Necklace

Tibetan Silver Wing Beads

Czech Glass Beads

Electroplate Glass Seed Bead

Pearlized Glass Beads

Aluminum Wire


Lobster Clasp

Eye Pins


Wire Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Plier

Step 2: Wrap a Large Round Set As Pendant

1st, prepare a 8cm aluminum wire, wrap this wire as a Mickey mouse head shape, wrap inside the two ends as a loop with round nose plier;

2rd, slide a pearlized glass bead through a headpin, make a loop by round nose plier, repeat and make one again;

3nd, attach the two beads to wire round set, the pendant has been finished.

Step 3: Make Wire Link and Angle Wing for Necklace

1st, make a circle wire link as the picture shows, remember the left wire should be shorter than the right wire, then make a loop by round nose plier; repeat and wrap other three;

2nd, make a wire circle like 1st, but the left wire should be longer than right wire, make a loop by round nose plier, repeat and make other three small round sets;

Step 4: Slide Beads

3rd, slide one glass seed bead, one Czech glass bead, one Tibetan silver wing bead, then one Czech glass bead and one glass seed bead through an eyepin, make a loop in the end of eyepin; repeat and make other nine angel wings.

Step 5: Connect to Make a Complete Necklace

1st, connect one angel wing to pendant respectively, then attach wire link to angel wing by jumprings, according to this method, make sure there are five angel wings and four wire links on both sides of the pendant;

2nd, connect the necklace by lobster clasp.

Step 6: Final Look

Well, this silver angel wing necklace has finished successfully; do you like this angel wing necklace? If you are interested in it, follow me to DIY it now, hope you enjoy making this angel wing necklace.