Introduction: DIY a Simple Royal Blue Beaded Necklace

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This ocean style blue bead necklace is mainly made up of royal blue cat eye beads and tiny glass seed beads. All you need to do is just thread beads onto the wire. That’s so easy. Just follow me.

Step 1: Materials Required in Making Simple Blue Bead Necklace:

Cat Eye Beads

Glass Seed Beads

Tiger Wire

Sterling Silver Closed Jump Rings

Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

SilverWire Cutter

PlierFlat Plier

Step 2: Thread Wire for Beading

1st, take a length of 100 cm tiger wire and fold it in half;

2nd, add a jump ring to the middle of the wire;

3rd, thread five seed beads and one cat eye bead one by one in order onto the folded wire.

Repeat this procedure for four times and you will get this as the last picture shows.

Step 3: Make the Blue Beaded Flower

1st, slide five beads to both wires and cross wire ends through a cat eye bead;

2nd, add two cat eye beads to the lower wire and one cat eye bead to the upper wire, then cross wire ends through another cat eye bead like the picture shows;

3rd, do the same to finish another six blue beaded flowers.

Step 4: Make Closure for This Simple Beaded Necklace

1st, slide five seed beads to each wire and then combine the wires through a cat eye bead;

2nd, add another five seed beads and a cat eye bead onto the overlapped wire. Continue to add five seed beads and a cat eye bead for three times;

3rd, attach the brass lobster claw clasp to the wire and remove the excess wire.

Step 5:

It’s beautiful, right? Can’t wait to make this royal blue beaded necklace by yourself? Then just go ahead.