Introduction: DIY a Woven Bracelet With Small-sized Glass Pearl Beads

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In today’s project, I have shown an adorable beaded bracelet design. And to make it accessible to more crafters (both adults and children), there will need no extra skills or techniques at all. Simply by getting some 3mm glass pearl beads and one roll of firm tiger tail wire, you can start to make the woven beaded bracelet instantly.

Step 1: Supplies Needed in the Beaded Bracelet Design:

8mm Blue Glass Pearl Beads

3mm Blue Glass Pearl Beads

0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire


Step 2: String the Starting 8mm Pearl Bead

1st, cut a 60cm piece of 0.3mm tiger tail wire;

2nd, slide one 3mm glass pearl to the center of wire;

3rd, take both wire ends and then string the 8mm glass pearl bead and an extra 3mm one.

Step 3: Make the Woven Part

1st, add eight 3mm blue glass pearl beads per wire, then cross two wires through one 3mm red glass pearl bead;

2nd, add one 3mm red glass pearl bead per wire, then cross through one another 3mm one;

3rd, repeat the 1st process with reducing the number of added blue pearl to six (per wire);

4th, make a red beaded loop as did in 2nd process;

5th, do another blue 8-bead (per wire) loop and then a red loop;

6th, create the focal beaded pattern. Firstly, make a beaded loop like the 3rd process. Next, string one 3mm red pearl bead and twelve 3mm blue pearl beads per wire, then make the same beaded loop by thread back through the firstly added red pearl. Finally, direct two wires through one 3mm red pearl bead.

7th, make the beaded loops backwards for the other part of glass pearl bracelet.

Step 4: Make the Last Loop As Part of Closure

Cross two wires through 8~9 pearl beads to create a loop allow the starting 8mm pass through.

At last, weave the wires through beads to get it stuck firmly.

Trim off the excess wires and done!

Step 5:

So, there you’ve done with this pearl bead bracelet. Our instructions make it simpler for you to come up with your own beaded bracelet designs. You can also try this beaded bracelet design with other types of beads. Each pattern may vary slightly!