Introduction: DIY Gift Wrap !! Cute and Beautiful.

Christmas time nearing , bored of the same gift wrapping techniques??
Try this DIY gift wrap, using left over clothes and make and amazing gift pouch.
Celebrate Christmas beautifully and give as many gifts as possible, in this wrap.

Step 1: Materials Required

All You need is:
- a net cloth
-a ribbon
-a lace
- sewing machine

Step 2: Folding the Net

1. Take the rectangular piece and fold it to form a triangle as shown.
2. Fold it again to form a right triangle. Repeat the step one more time.

Step 3: Forming a Circle

Now we want to make a circle from the rectangular piece.
1. Take a chalk/pen and mark a curve as shown.
2. Cut along the curve to get a cap like figure.

Open it up and admire the circle.

Step 4: Sewing the Frills

Now start sewing the frill along the perimeter of the cloth as shown.

Step 5: Making and Sealing the Ribbon

Take the ribbon , to make it a bit thick, we fold it once.
You can stick it also but i have done it the different way.
i have used a candle to burn the corners of the tissue cloth/satin ribbon to form a loop.
You require two such loops.

Note: you can replace the ribbon with satin threads , beaded threads ,etc.

Step 6: Looping It Up

Take the circular piece of cloth and make holes with an incense stick/ scissor in a circular path. 
The holes should form an inner circle and should be equally spaced. 

Threading in:

Now take the ribbon and start putting it into the first hole and after that every alternate hole till you complete a circle.
Keep the ends hanging outside only.
Now from the other end start putting the other thread into the remaining holes.
Leave the ribbons hanging.

Step 7: Wrapping Up

Put the contents of the gift in the inner circle as shown.
Fold up the upper part and pull the ribbons outside to form a pouch (as shown).

Your pouch is ready and now, tie a BIG beautiful bow of the ribbons and tada!!
Go Gift.
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