Introduction: DIY #gridwall

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This DIY was inspired by all the gridwalls on the internet, tumblr. But i've never seen a gridwall thats not a square. That's why I wanted to make this hashtag. This hashtag would be amazing with pictures of your instagram feed. For more video's you could check out my youtube channel.



thin sticks

hot glue

spray paint


fake flours




Step 1: Make a Hashtag Template

Step 2: Cut

cut out your chickenwire to the shape of the hashtag using the template and some pliers, but leave some extra space at the edges.

Step 3: Sandpaper

sandpaper the whole hashtag cause you'll be painting the service later on. and you want to prevent the paint from chipping. definitely because you'll put clothespins and if you sandpaper the chickenwire the paint will stay on it.

Step 4: Create the Edges

to create the edges you can roll up a page of a magazine or advertisement. to roll it up tightly you can use a thin stick. all you need so that the magazine stays in place is a bit of glue, i used a gluestick. you can also cut the corners diagonally to fit perfectly,

Step 5: Placing the Edges

make holes with a pushpin trough the rolled up magazine big enough for the wire to fit trough and place the edges by putting the wire trough the holes.

Step 6: Glue

you can glue the corners of the rolled up magazines together.

Step 7: Paint

now you can spraypaint your hashtag in your desired color.

Step 8: Decorate

add pictures and flours of your liking. you can place flours by removing the back of the flour placing the flour trough the wire and than replacing the back.

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