DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Introduction: DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

This is my design of 3D glasses for smartphone i wanted to share with you, inspired by google cardboard and oculus rift.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1. For lenses i used larger lenses of binocular toy that i bought in local china store

2. Two screws dimension 30x3mm and six nuts for 3mm screw, three nuts for each screw

3. The main screw dimension 100x6mm and three nuts for 6mm screw

4. Paper divider

5. Two terminal strips made from plywood

6. One wooden part that hold lenses and goes on your forehead

7. One wooden part that goes on your nose

8. 50 cm of window seals cutted and hot glued on forehead and nose part and on wooden terminal strips for better grip

Step 2: Binocular Lences

Take the larger lenses from binocular and hot glue them inside lens holder.

Create a hole in lens holder about 3mm wide like in picture to put your 3mm screw in it.

Step 3: Paper Divider

Create a paper divider of screen, by folding paper in half and glue it, but make sure you don't glue it till end, leave a hole for the main screw to put paper divider on it. Depending on size of your phone screen you can easily cut it with scissors to best dimensions.

Step 4: Put All Together

Put all parts together like in picture. Put your phone inside terminal strips and tighten the last nut so phone can't move. Now you can watch 3D videos and play VR games and have fun. I used my 3,5'' and 4,3'' phone and both worked very good. With this main screw it would work for every phone which width is less then 8,4 cm. For bigger phones you can buy longer main screw.

Step 5: Wear It in Your Pocket

This is the size of glasses compared to a 3,5'' phone, so you can wear it with yourself wherever you go and easily assemble and disassemble it in short time,

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