Introduction: DIY Paper Weave Wall Art

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Decorate your wall with an easy paper weaving insert in a frame. Cheap and easy craft activity.

Step 1: Get Different Coloured Stock Card Paper

Step 2: Cut the Papers Into 1cm Long Strips

Step 3: Lay Them in Any Order

Step 4: Arrange Each Strip in the Above Order and Repeating Until It Is the Size of an A4 Paper

Step 5: Pick a Yellow Strip (the First in the Order) and Insert Under and Above Each Vertical Strip

Step 6: Pick a Blue Strip (second in the Order) and Repeat Above Step

Step 7: Complete the Weave Using All the Colours in the Order You Have Chosen

Step 8: Lay the Back of a Picture Frame on the Woven Strips

Step 9: Trim to the Size of the Picture Frame Back Cover

Step 10: Glue the Outer Edges

Step 11: Insert in Picture Frame

Step 12: Hang on Your Wall

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