Introduction: DJi F450 Quadcopter How to Build? Home Built.

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This was a home built Drone which was controlled by hobby king 6channel Transmitter and receiver and Kk2.1.5 flight controller, normally brushless motors of 1000KV range used for this but for my project I have used 1400KV motors for best performance.

Step 1: First Things First! Items You Need to Buy.

1) 4xBrushless motors of 1000KV or 1200KV or 1400KV of your choice.
2) 4xESC's (Electronic speed controllers).
3) DJi F450 Quadcopter frame or Neewer 6axis airframe.
4) 2xClockwise propellers and 2xCounter Clockwise propellers.
5) Propeller mounting screws or prop adapters.
6) A Lipo battery of atleast 2200MAh capacity and 3s 30c. you can also use 2s but I suggest 3s battery to last long the flight time.
7) A turnigy balance charger for Lipo battery.
8) Kk2.1.5 Flight controller board and connecting jumper wires to connect Kk2.1.5 to reciever.
9) A transmitter and receiver set of your wish but muat have atleast 6 channels.
10) Miscellaneous things ;
connecting wires, soldering iron, bullet connectors, heat shrink tubes, battery tester, batteries for transmitter etc.

Step 2: Soldering Out All the 4 ESC's

First you need to solder all the 4 ESC's to the bottom PCB (the one which is bigger in size will be the bottom plate) the red wire must be soldered to the + sign point and black to the - terminal. To solder the wire first you need to tin the point on the board by applying some solder to that point and solder out all the ESC's clearly and strongly. And then fix the 4 arms on to the bottom plate with screws provided with the frame.

Step 3: Mounting the Motors

To mount the motors you can use the zip ties or the screws i suggest using screws bu i have used zip ties as the screw they provided is so small. Once finished the motors mounting to the arms then plug up the motors wires with ESC's , zip tie all the ESC's to the arms firmly and tie the battery strap to the bottom board, now you can screw up the upper plate .

Step 4: Installing KK2.1.5 Flight Controller and Reciever

Fix the flight controller with velcro to the centre of the top plate. the white arrow is the front of kk2 board and which way your'e going to fix it will determine the front limbs or arms of your drone so make correct decesion before placing it. connect the ESC's signal wire onto the board's right side pins your 1st motors pins must be connected o the 1st row on controller and so on and the black wire should go out of the board means the right most pins on the flight controller will be -ve terminals so the black wire should go onto it. mount the receiver on one of the arm and plug the wires to the receiver and to the left side pins on the kk2. Generally channel 3 on your receiver will be throttle, channel 1 => Elevator , channel 2=> roll(pitch), channel 4=> rudder and channel 5 commonly Auxillary(aux) but you can also use that for camera controls. In kk 2 board also same things 1st row pins on left side will be for elevator which controls backward and forward motions of your quad and channel 2 means 2nd row of pins will be for roll pitch which controlls the side movements or the rolling actions of your drone and channel 3 will be the throttle which controls the motors speed and finally channel 4 for rotation of your quad at the fixed position and aux is optional which will be on channel 5 and you can also use that for switching on and off for self level setting.

Step 5: Finalizing the Drone and KK2 Setup

Connect the battery pack to the board andfix it using velcro you tied that before and the kk2 should start up with some beeps emitted by ESC"s and it the kk2 should now show up a message as SAFE MODE, and at the right side botom of display you can see the button indicating menu option and select it by 4th button and you can see several options like PI editor, REceiver test etc, place your drone on very level surface and do ACC Calibration and plug out the battery and turn on your transmitter and move the throttle stick to end point, press and hold 1st and 4th buttons on your kk2, and then connect the battery again the kk2 now should show up a message Throttle Pass Through and ESC's should emit a single beep after hearing that 1st beep move the throttle stick to idle position and then you'll hear 2 more beeps and this will calibrate the ESC's. Now go back to SAFE MODE screen and move the throttle stick to left most side when it is idle as in picture to arm the kk2 once it is armed move the throttle stick to about 30% and all the motors start spinning together note the direction of spinning of each motor, now the 1st motor should spin clockwise and 2nd should spin counter clock wise and 3rd one clock wise and the 4th will be counter clock wise. If any motor is spinning in wrong direction then swap any 2 wires with ESC's wire and now it should spin inopposite direction. In my case red coloured arms are front of my quad and so the red left arm's motor spins clockwise and other should go as opposite to each other.

Step 6: Some More Setup in KK2

Go to menu in your kk2 and select sensors test and there it should show "OK" for all sensors otherwise there will be malfunction in the board and then go to PI EDITOR settings and put these values for ROLL(Aileron)
P Gain: 30
P limit: 100
I Gain: 0
I limit: 20 and put the same values for Pitch(Elevator) and for
P gain: 50
P limit: 20
I Gain: 0
I limit: 10 and then go to mode settings and change the self-level from stick to Aux and for link roll pitch select yes and Auto disarm select no and enable cppm no and then go to Misc. Settings set 10 for minimum throttle and put 0 value for height damping, height damping limit value is 20, for Alarm 1/10 volts set 105 (this value is for 3S batteries only). and go back and select self level settings in that P Gain: 70, P limit: 20 and leave anything else like that itself and go back and select "load motor layout" option and select "Quadcopter x mode" and finally do reciever test in receiver test you must be able to set 1st 4 values to zero by using subtrims on your transmitter. Now attach the propellers to the motors remeber he propellers also have clock wise and counter clock wise directions so check that too and fix the props on, And after all these your'e ready to go.

Step 7: Initial Flight

Turn on your Transmitter, Connect the battery pack and kk2 should start up with safe mode and arm it by moving the throttle stick to left side in idle position and hold it there until you hear beeps and kk2 should show up a message "ARMED". ( some transmitter will not allow arming by moving to left side at this condition try moving it to right side at idle and hold for 3 seconds until you hear a beep). Move the throttle stick a little by little and the motors should speed up as you move it and go on flying in open ground.
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