Introduction: DNA Choker Necklace

Hey Everyone! Today we're going to learn how to make a really cool choker necklace. With modern style trends taking over these days, it's nice to have an accessory that blends with lots of outfits.

DON'T WORRY if you're not experienced in making jewelry. The braiding technique used in the DNA choker is very easy to learn. Once you've finished your choker you'll practically be able to make one in your sleep!

Now, are you ready to get started?

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need:


-25 feet of hemp cord (whatever colors you'd like, purchased from Walmart)

-1x Lobster claw clasp

-3x jump ring (both the Lobster clamp and jump rings can be purchased in a findings starter pack from Walmart)

-Duct tape

-Charm for the center of your choker (purchased from Walmart)



Step 2: Measuring Your Choker

To begin making the choker you'll need to cut the cord to length. To do this, cut a piece of string around 18 inches and wrap it loosely around your neck. Tighten it slowly until it feels comfortable and looks right. Next, grab the cord where it comes together and remove from your neck. The cord should be around 15-17 inches when it comes off your neck.

-If you have a soft tape measure you can use that to find the choker length

Step 3: Cutting Your Cord to Length

When braiding the DNA choker you'll need two separate lengths of cord along with a couple helper strands. To calculate the length of the center section, take the measurement you found in the last step, double it, and add 2 more inches (should be around 3 feet). The 2nd section of cord (the outer section) is also based on the measurement from the previous step. To calculate it, take the choker length and multiply it by 13 (should be around 16-18 feet). Now that you have the string for the actual choker, cut two more pieces at 3 feet for the helper strands. This is all the cord you will need!

Step 4: Setting Up the Cord

To begin braiding the choker you'll first need to tie the ends of the center section of cord together. When complete, wrap around neck to confirm it is the proper length. Next you'll need to set up the helper strands. Take one of them and loop it around the inside of the center section then tie the ends together. Repeat with the 2nd helper strand. Now you should have a chain of cord with 3 links (helper - center - helper). For this next part make sure you're sitting at a table because you'll have to tape down one of the helper strands. The other helper strand can be loop around your neck. The purpose of these helper strands is to keep the center section taught while braiding the necklace so make sure yours are doing that.

Step 5: Beginning the Braid

Now that you've set up the center section so it's in front of you and held taught we can get to braiding! To start, grab the outer section and fold it in half to find the center. With the center located, bring the outer cord under the center cord and hold it with each hand a couple inches from the center. (The inner section of the choker will not be used to make any of the braids. Instead, it will be used as a base to wrap the outer cord around when making the choker)

Braiding Technique: Now the fun begins! With your right (I'll be describing instructions for a dominant right hand. If you're left-handed, just use the opposite hand that I use), bring the cord held in that hand over the center cord to the left side and make a loose loop. Then take the cord held in your left hand and bring it over the end that was just moved to the left side. With your right hand, reach though the previously created loop, grab the left side of the cord, and pull it up through the loop. Next, pull the two ends of the outer cord tight.

Congrats! You've proven you can finish your choker! All you have to do is repeat the braiding technique until you reach the middle of the choker.

Step 6: Adding the Charm

Now that you've made it halfway down the choker with the DNA design, you can add the jump ring for the charm. Grab a jump ring and string either end of the outer strand through it. After the jump ring is on, keep on braiding till you reach the end! (Charm is shown in pictures for visibility. Charm should be taken off while braiding or it can get very annoying!)

Step 7: Finishing Your Choker

When you reach the end of the choker pull the ends of the cord tight and add the other jump ring. Next, cut the ends of the outer cords along with the helper strands. Pull the helper strands out and add the final jump ring to the other end of the choker. With the jump ring installed, you can add the Lobster claw clamp. Finally, place your charm on the center jump ring and you're finished!