Introduction: DIY Dragon Egg Props

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HELLO! It's the best time of year right now, SPOOKY SEASON! Man, I love Halloween and I'm excited to share my DIY Dragon eggs with ya'll. What kind of fun spooky things have you guys been working on?!

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-Easter eggs

-Acrylic paint

-E-6000 glue

-X-acto knife

-Model Magic

-Air Dry Clay

-Stipple sponge

-Paint brushes

-Primer (Gesso)

-foam b

Step 1: Egg #1 Frist Step

Egg number one is the easiest to do. It can technically be pulled off as any kind of egg such as a bird egg. However I still consider it to be a dragon egg and with some creative touches I'm sure you could get yours to look even better.

The first step to this egg is taking an Easter egg and priming it, the primer is very slick and the paint would chip easy without a base.

Step 2: Egg #1 Second Step

I only made three pretty basic eggs because I was eager to get the others started. So I took a green/gray paint and a blue/gray paint and coated the outside of the eggs. Then I let them sit and dry.

Step 3: Egg #1 Third Step (Final)

Last I took darker blues and grays and just stippled it all over the eggs. Like I said VERY easy and can be used in many different ways.

Step 4: Egg #2 Frist Step

The next egg will take just a little more time and creative juices. To start off I took an Easter egg and glued the middle together with some E-6000 to make sure it would not pop up. (Didn't get a good picture of that but you get the idea. haha. .

Step 5: Egg #2 Second Step

Next I took some Model Magic and placed it on the outside and used a clay tool (you can just use a pencil or your figer too) and made some shapes in the clay. Then set them aside to dry.

Step 6: Egg #2 Third Step (Final)

Next it's the fun part of PAINTING! I look this part. Haha. So obviously do whatever feels right and just have fun with it. Add orange, red, and yellow with some black to make a lava rock egg. Use lot's of blues to make a water dragon egg. You can even make scales on your egg! J

As you can see I did a few different eggs, some of them I used reference from School Of Dragons. It's a game based off How To Train Your Dragon, but do whatever you want!

Step 7: Egg #3 First Step

(Again a bad picture) LAST EGG and it's the most 'difficult' but let's be real none of them are hard. Haha. I took an x-acto knife and cut out a hole in the egg. I did also use the E-6000 to glue the middle together so it wont move around.

Step 8: Egg #3 Second Step

I took some foam balls to fill in negative space then put air dry clay around it then pressed the plastic Easter egg around the clay. I did that so I didn't have to worry about using a lot of unseen clay.

Step 9: Egg #3 Third Step

Shape the eyes! I used the sculpting tool to shape some eyes coming out of the crack in the eggs. I also added some scales. It was fun!

Step 10: Egg #3 Fourth Step

Next I primed the eggs and the clay to make sure the paint would stick to them.

Step 11: Egg #3 Fifth Step

Next I took some acrylic paint and painted the outside of the eggs. I just did random things, just have fun with it!

Step 12: Egg #3 Sixth Step

Next I painted the inside and I made my dragons kinda match the egg but you can do anything.

Step 13: DONE

You are done and now you have DRAGON EGGS! Woot woot! I hope you enjoyed and if you would like me to try any other DIY's let me know!

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