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When my daughter asked me to help with my grandboy's Valentines I jumped at the chance!

Step 1: Getting Started

First I drew a half heart shape on a 12"X18" folded white paper, and cut it out.

Step 2: Next

I made a B&W photograph of Duke holding the heart.

Step 3: Supplies for the Valentines

Printed images, I was able to xerox 6 on a sheet of card stock

cut paper 41/2" X 9"

rubber stamps, stamp pad

I ordered the envelopes from Amazon, I found very sweet 5"X5" red envelopes

I also ordered lots of fancy heart stickers!

Step 4: Decorations

I cut the photographs and glued them to the cards. Then Duke went to work with the decorations,

He added a fancy heart (or 2, or3!) to the large white heart in the photo. Inside he used the rubber stamps and extra hearts to jazz up the cards.

All his friends, teachers and family were thrilled to receive his personalized creations!

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