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Welcome, Maotrons! I have this fun new look of Deadpool! I hope you like it. I think it's a fun look you could do for Halloween, but you might want to get white contacts so you can open your eyes, haha, just sayin'. If you like what you see be sure to check out my other Instrucables! I even have other fun videos up on my Youtube page that aren't tutorials so be sure to check them out as well. Thank you for your support!

Step 1: Map It Out

Taking a washable glue stick I put that on my eyebrows to mat them down to paint over them. I then took my white eyeliner pencil to map out the look of his mask. I always do that, it's like sketching it out before coloring it in.

Step 2: Base

Most of his mask is red, so I took a red body paint from Mehron and put that over most my face. I made it as even as I could. I didn't want it to look patchy.

Step 3: Detail Lines

I added some detail lines with a dark red body paint from Mehron. I went around the eye section that has no color yet and I pulled some of it down to my chin.

Step 4: Shadows

Taking a dark red eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow I shadowed around all the lines I just put with the dark red. I do this so it gives some shadows like it would if it was really a leather or cloth clothing item.

Step 5: Highlight and Stitches

Taking a white body paint from Mehron I randomly highlighted around the face. I even dabbed it with my fingers from time to time to make it less concentrated and pull the color out more. I then took that some white and started adding the stitching he has around the mask. I sued little slash marks to get the look.

Step 6: More Shadows

Taking more red and black eyeshadow, mostly black, I added even more shadows. Because I added the stitching I knew it needed more shadows to balance it out. At this point I think it's totally okay to over shadow.


Now I hated the fact I could still see my ears, so I took a black body paint from Merhon to put all over my ears and black them out. I then took that same black because I had it out and filled in my eye section. I let my eyelids clear because I will be painting them black later. I even took some of that black on a detailed brush to add on the dark red lines that are going down to the chin to make it stand out a little more. I also added a line from the eye part up to the forehead, a detail I missed earlier, MY BAD.

Step 8: White

Taking the white body paint again I put that around the outer part of the black eye section. I wanted that to act as a highlight around it, to again give the appearance of leather again. I also took that white and put it on my lids. I used a white eyeshadow to set the lids so they didn't crease on me.

Step 9: Body Start

Taking my white eyeliner again I used it took map out his outfit. I wanted this part to be really detailed because the face was simpler.

Step 10: Body Base

So like a paint by number I filled in the sections I wanted red with red and the sections I wanted black with black. Kinda simple, right? Haha.

Step 11: White

Taking some white body paint, much like I did on the face, I'm going to highlight around the body and make sure I dab it with my fingers and spread the color. I also added stitch marks as well. I did make sure to highlight the chest a lot to make it look bigger and more square, less female looking.

Step 12: Shadows.. Again

Taking the same black and red eyeshadows I'm going to shadow around the body. Mainly on the chest and around the strap.

Step 13: More Details

I added more stitches with the white body paint and added other random detailed lines around the body.

Step 14: DONE

WOO! ALL DONE! That was a fun look to make, I hope you thought so too. Let me know what you think and again be sure to check out my other work.

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