Introduction: Death Star Smart Speaker Dock

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This instructable will guide you on how to make a cool star wars themed dock for your mini smart speaker!

This dock will fit an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot or a Google Home Mini. (If you don't own one of those you might be surprised how inexpensive they are and how fun they can be!)

This instructable will also detail the design process of using TinkerCad to remix existing 3D model STL files. (TinkerCAD is surprisingly amazing software for this task!) To create this remix, I utilized two different models from Thingiverse with an opensource licenses:

Original Death Star Model:

Original Display Stand Model:

Note: If you dont have a printer you can pick up your own dock here:

Step 1: STL Files & Print Settings

Ill start by sharing the end result, the 4 final separate STL files are attached! Per Open Source License rules, these models are shared with the same license as the ones I used to create them.

>If you choose to sell the finished product, please link back to this instructable as your source! Much effort was required to create & test these designs and it costs you nothing to credit the designer, thank you!

(Also, it should go without saying but please do not attempt to sell these STL files directly.)

Print Settings:

  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.2mm layer thickness maximum
  • Printing supports are required for the domes, but the stand & ring do not need supports. See attached screen shots for guidance (clipped so you can see the support)
  • Print the domes in gray/silver, any material. I recommend this brand.
  • Print the ring & stand together in black, any material

Overall print time for everything is roughly 20 hours and approximately 1/3 kg of plastic.

Step 2: Design Step: Model Your Smart Speaker

To get started i measured my smart speaker and approximated its maximum exterrir dimensions with a tapered cylinder. I also made a note of where the plug wire is.

Step 3: Design Step: Create the Dome Bottom

Next I imported the death star stl model and altered the base. The design intent was to use a separate ring piece to provide a loose press fit to keep the two domes together when you want. Keeping the ring separate rather than integrating it made the parts easier to print!

These are the steps.

1. Place the speaker at the desired Z-vertical location

2. Scale the dome so that the speaker would fit inside

3. Add a hemisphere in the base to fill the space so the speaker would sit where I want it.

4. Add a sliced opening for the speaker plug wire

5. Design a cylindrical ring with tapered corners to improve assemble-ability & printability

6. Make a copy of the ring, scale it up a bit, and cut half of that shape out of the bottom dome to give the ring a place to sit.

Step 4: Design Step: Create the Dome Top

Next I repeated the cut out for half of the ring from the top dome.

Then I added a bunch of holes to allow the speakers sound to escape the dome in case you want to use it with the top in place.

Finally I scaled up the sphere-holder-stand model to suit the size of the death star and keep it from rolling away! I liked this option better than making the bottom of the death star flat because it preserves the perfect sphere shape and makes for a more stable stand.

Step 5: Print & Enjoy!

These are the final assembly pics and it worked out very well!

Note: If you listen to music with the lid on it may sound a bit muffled and alexa wont hear your commands! I only use the lid when I am not listening to music.

That's all! If you print one yourself be sure to post an 'i made this' and take a second to vote for this instructable in the Remix contest. Thanks!

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