Introduction: Decopatch

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decopatching is basically fancy paper mache it can be used to decorate pritty much anything , there's a few different brands, decopatch, Deco mache probably more I'm unaware off. its really simple :) just tearing up paper and sticking it on.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Glue - there are special decopatch glues you can buy but personally I just use PVA glue thats watered down a little does the same job and is cheaper.
Papers - again there's different papers you can buy like I have or you can just use magazine pictures newspaper articles stamps etc.
something to decopatch- Ive gone for a lever arch folder and a note book but you can do ANYTHING!!!
Glue pot

Step 2: Tear Up Some Paper

If youve brought paper you generally get 3 in a pack you can cut or tear up the paper, I personally think tearing is better I prefer the end result with the rough edges.
I used a ruller as a edge to tear against. hold the ruler down and tear the paper towards it. for anything else cut images out tear up news articles its pretty much up to you. I like to keep the torn up bits in a little box save them going everywhere!

Step 3: Lets Get Glueing!!!

If using PVA mix it roughly half and half glue and water. if using decopatch glue the just use it from the pot

Time to glue, paint some glue onto you chosen object place the paper onto the glue, and then put more glue over the top..... add more paper add more glue, keep adding more paper followed by more glue.... spreading out over the area overlapping as you go.

Step 4: Edges and Fiddly Bits

If there's edges to go round just fold them round and glue them down. I didnt do the inside of either the folder or notebook but this neatens the edges and makes them look nicer

also for the hole in the folder I glued it down so it was going over and then trimmed of the flappy bits making it look more 'professional'

Step 5: Note Book and Its Fiddly Bits

when doing this I put a bag in between the first page and cover, to stop it glueing itself to the front page where I was wrapping the edges round.

for between the ring binding I tore up small strips laying them between them and then poking them round the other side too. then decopatching the rest of it. you could just go up the the ring's and leave the gaps but I dislike this.

I also stuck card on the inside to make it look neater, not really possible on the folder though .

Step 6: Warning! May Cause Painfull Feet

I'd strongly advise not sitting cross legged on your bed for two+ hours whilst you do this otherwise your poor foot will end up like my wrickly and happy at an odd angle making it incredibly pain fall to walk (or stumble /fall around in my case) after

Step 7: Other Things to Decopatch

you can do anything! I'll get some more photos up soon but things I no of are, chairs, tables, mirror or photo frames, doors, present boxes...... Anything!!!! I heard of someone doing there car once..... not to sure on the truth to this ...