Introduction: The Letters for Reception With SelfCAD

Decoration for reception with SelfCAD.Very simple and easy

Step 1: Reference Image

Use Reference Image

Step 2: Image

add image

Step 3: Select Image

Select the picture you need

Step 4: Position

Use Move tool and put a picture on a slide

Step 5: Preparation for Creating Text

Use Free Hand

Step 6: Draw Text

Set the value as on the slide. Draw Text

Step 7: Result

Step 8: Scale Text

Select Text

Use Scale

set value

Step 9: Review

Make one copy

Use Move,Scale and Rotate, put text on photo and set white color

Step 10: Cube Selection

Select main text , use Cube Selection

Step 11: Cub Selection Value

set the value as on the slide

Step 12: Split

Use Split to split the text, for ease of printing

Step 13: Create a File for Printing

Step 14: Print Result

Step 15: Installation

Step 16: Installation

Step 17: Result

Step 18: