Introduction: Decorative Mushroom Lights

How to make indoor mushroom lights in easy way.


Material: clear pvc sheet 0.5 mm, artificial plastic eggs, flexible plastic pipe, aluminum wire, super glue, 1 watt white led 3.2 volt (4 pieces) ,12 volt power supply, acrylic white paint, cellophane sheet yellow, drill machine

Step 1: Making Mushrooms

Buy large size artificial eggs from art and craft shop, cut into halves and smooth it with the help of sand paper

Step 2: Making Mushroom Stems

I have used flexible plastic pipe (0.5 inches) to make the mushroom stems.Insert aluminium ( curving bending stem shape) and electrical wires in pipe and fix with super glue.

Step 3: Base

Find any natural and beautiful wooden piece for mushroom base. Drill some holes on the wood log and fix the mushroom in the holes.Connect the wires with Electric supply.Set the position of mushroom in their natural way.

Place this night lamp in your bedroom and enjoy it.

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