Introduction: Decoupage Napkin Necklace Upcycle

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I had fun upcycling a thrift store costume necklace into a totally new necklace using small pieces of napkin that were decoupaged on the face of each section.

Step 1: Before

This is how the necklace looked before the upcycle. I only used three sections for my new necklace.

Step 2: Supplies

I got the napkin in a little package from Pier One Imports and chose the navy blue background because the print was smaller.

Step 3: Be Sure to Have a White Background

Even though the background was navy blue, the pink flowers wouldn't be bright if the face of the necklace section wasn't white, so I painted all the sections. Then I cut pieces of the napkin close to the right size. I used Diamond Glaze for the decoupage medium, but Mod Podge works too. If some of the napkin covers the edge, just nudge it with your fingernail and it will be very forgiving and move so you will have a nice clean edge.

Step 4: Closeup

This is a closeup of the finished project. If you don't have beads that match your napkin, you can simply add a gold chain to the necklace sections. Easy project for any beginner!