Introduction: Deep Fried Fritters Made With Ripe Banana Slices

These are sweeter version of deep fried fritters with fully ripe banana slices.

You can use any type of banana to make these fritters. In this recipe, I have used one Banana only to make the fritters which will serve about 2 people. Increase the number of bananas and other ingredients with respect to number of people you wish to serve

Step 1: Make Banana Slices

  • Take one fully ripe banana and peel off the skin
  • Cut the peeled banana into 3 equal parts and then make fine slices from the cut pieces

Step 2: Prepare the Batter

  • Take one cup of Chickpea flour in a wide bowl
  • Add 2 teaspoons of corn flour and 4 teaspoons of palm sugar and mix together
  • Add water and make a thick batter

Here I have used Palm Sugar. You can use any type of sugar available with you

Step 3: Dip Banana Slices in Batter and Deepfry

  • Heat enough oil for deep frying in a pan over medium fire
  • Dip each banana slice in batter so that the slices are fully covered
  • When the oil is heated add the batter-dipped slices one by one
  • Turn them over with a ladle for even frying in oil
  • Remove from oil when the fritters are deep brown in color and drain out oil

Serve as an evening snack. It tastes good and kids will love it.

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