Introduction: Defender of the Deck

Defender of the deck is a simple card game that is fun to play with friends.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is: - A deck of basic playing cards - A calculator (or a brainiac) - Paper - Pen - Someone with an imagination

Step 2: Setting Up Character

To set up your character you: 1. write your name on top of the paper 2. draw a quick illustration of what you look like 3. write what you are underneath your name (e.g. Mage, warrior) 4. allocate skill points.

Step 3: Allocating Skill Points

to allocate skill points pull 3 cards from the deck the allocate the 3 numbers that you pulled out either to attack, defence or speed write it like this: attack: ? def: ? Speed: ? look at the image for help (I got a 4 and two 3's)

Step 4: Playing the Game

To play the game you need a card master. the card master is that imaginative person i was talking about. The card master tells the story you will embark on, and is in charge of attack sequences!

Step 5: How to Do a Attack Sequence!

In a battle you draw up an enemy card on paper, with its name and health to start you draw two cards the one you first drew from the deck is the damage (times that by you attack points) you do to the enemy, the other card is your shield. then the card master draws a card (for the enemy) if it is not dead. that is the enemy's attack, If the enemy draws a 3 and your shield is 2, your shield card stops 2 damage from the attack and you get hit for 1 damage! your health is your defence. If you are about to die draw a card and times it by your speed if you get 15 or more you can run after you have done this repeat from the start until the enemy or you dies.

Step 6: Do What You Want With It

Its your game, now you know how to play. make your own story and have an adventure with your friends! You can make your own rules if you want! this is just an idea.

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