Introduction: Demon Blade | Supernatural

If you've ever wanted to cosplay as Sam Winchester then this tutorial is for you!

It's the easiest way to make a Demon Blade from scratch for close to free!

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Step 1: Template

Using regular cardboard, print and trace this template.

I traced one blade, 3 handles and one almond shape.

Cut out all the pieces and then prepare to assemble!

Step 2: Assemble

Starting with the almond shape, carefully cut a slit in the middle big enough to wedge the end of the blade into.

Then hot glue the blade into the hole.

Hot glue all of the handles together and then attach the blade to the top.

Once the hot glue has cooled you have 2 options,

1.) Paper mache the entire blade using 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cup water.

2.) Or take the easy way out and tape over the entire thing with clear packaging tape.

Step 3: Details

Using any paint you have on hand, begin by painting the handle brown, and then the blade and hilt grey.

I used acrylic paint which I wouldn't recommend because it took a few days to dry completely.

Once its completely dry begin tracing the details on the blade with a pencil.

Then once it's looking how you want it too go over it all with a fine tip black sharpie.

Step 4: You're Finished!

And there you have it!

Basically the easiest way to make a Demon Blade!

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