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This is a super easy Halloween treat recipe, but it's definitely both scary and tasty at the same time! I was inspired by the video of @grav3yardgirl on Youtube, but made some changes on my own.

Scary teeth have always been a nightmare in all kinds of movies, when I'm a little kid, I always tell if someone is a "bad guy" in a movie by how terrible his teeth are (lol kids)!

Also, seeing these teeth made me think of dentists, and you teeth hurt just thinking of that!

Hope you will like this healthy, easy and tasty little Halloween treat!

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

You will need:

---2 apples (I recommend Red Delicious or Fuji apple, Red Delicious will give you better results but I think Fuji tastes better, so it's totally up to you. But please choose apples that are pretty red outside.)

---handful of slivered almonds

---1 tsp of honey

---some lemon water

Step 2: Cut Your Apples

Wash your apple and cut it into quarters.

Leave about 1cm on each side, and cut out the middle part (now feel free to eat the middle part if you want lol).

Be careful, don't cut it into two pieces, leave 1 cm on each side so don't cut to the end.

You can remove the seeds-- but keep it will help to maintain a good shape.

Now your lips and mouth is ready to use!

Step 3: Place the Teeth

Put the "mouth" in lemon water for a few seconds and take out to dry. Without it the apple will turn dark really quick and affect the final presentation.

Use a small knife to cut some "teethholes" in the mouth. Put the slivered almonds in the hole, and you don't have to arrange them-- place them randomly will make it look more scary!

Step 4: Drizzle the Honey

You can drizzle some honey on the teeth to let it shine! Or you can stuff it with peanut butter to get a messy look.

Step 5: Now Enjoy!

Now it's ready to enjoy! It's pretty tasty BTW, sweet and nutty. It's healthy and easy to make, and definitely made it a fun Halloween!

Hope you will like this recipe, and if you do, please vote for me in the "Halloween food contest", thanks a lot!

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