Design Glowing Cube Infinite Projection

Introduction: Design Glowing Cube Infinite Projection

About: student in 12th science.

first design in fusion360 and render with RGB lights.

Step 1: Make Hexagonal Hole in Box

use cardboard and cut into size 12cmx12 cm.

(if you need big increase size).

use ring spanner for draw hexagonal on cardboard.(see image)

Step 2: Use Arduino for Programming

Use Arduino and write program (as per image attach).

this program for blinking RGB LED in define delay (you will change delay for more example)

upload it.

use ground in digital side and other 3 pin of RGB LED in 8,9,10 Digital Pin.

upload the program.

Step 3: Connect Parts

Connect RGB LED to Arduino port .

(use 110ohm resistance .)

When code run properly use power bank for power supply.

Step 4: Infinite Projection

Place 2 mirrors at 180 degree parallel.

Place hexagonal cardboard box in between two mirror.

see the magic .

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    That looks really cool. Do you have any more pictures of the assembly process?