Introduction: Designing of Personalized 3D Printed Keychain

3D printers have literally democratized the digital fabrication technology. As a space manager at Gurugram's first makerspace, Banaao - A Makers' Playground, I see visitors get fascinated by this technology and like to take memento's with them. What could be a better memento than a 'Personalized 3D Printed Keychain'.

But 3D designing multiple different name keychain's can be time consuming. But wait...

Why should we worry for 3d designing? We have open source website called Thingiverse for it. Design your personalized 3D printed keychain with it

Skills: Beginner


You just need a laptop with the internet connection.

Any 3D Printer for printing the keychain

Step 1: Go to Thingiverse

First, type in the address bar of your browser.

Then search for 'iamburny' in search option given on the website. Although, there are a lot of editable keychain designs available but this is one of the best one.

Click on the customize key chain and go to the customizer where you can see a screen as shown in a figure. Type your name to be printed.

Step 2: Step 2: Adjust Space and Height

To get the aesthetically pleasing keychain, it's very important to get the spacing correct. Now adjust spacing and height of your name as deemed suitable. The height & spacing in the images is one of the best combinations.

I have shown an example here you can see the before and after images for better understanding. The height should keep uneven which make the key chain cool & funky.

Obviously, the characters have to overlap each other otherwise they will be printed separately which you don't want.

Step 3: Add Loop Hole for Key Chain

As you can see in images here we have chosen "u" for our loop which looks like a key chain and adjust it with the first letter of your name. It will used to put in the metal chain or ribbon.

Click on Create thing and download it.

Your 3D designing is done. Just print it in your 3D printer.
Keep designing.

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