Introduction: "Deskbot" a Fun and Simple Clean Up Robot

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The "Deskbot"!!! this is a fun and very simple toy/ clean up robot i made in about 30 min.
 i got the idea when i found a broken zuu zuu pet. it then hit me. " why not make a fun and simple toy that can help u clean up messes on a table or desk." so i got to work and made it quite fast. so i hope you like it, so leave a comment if you like it or dislike it!

modification may come for example adding a small vacume

if you'd like to add somthing and post it go ahead i'd love to see it

remember it took me 30 min (not even)

Step 1: What You Will Need

*A small motor with wheels( i found mine in a broken toy
* a AAA battery pack/holder thing
* a electronic switch
* a small rod
*a small wheel about 1 1/2 cm tall
* hot glue
* scissors
* soder

Step 2: Wiring

simply follow the picture and it should do the trick

Step 3: Making the Shell

make the base board like in the picture below the length is 7 in long and 2 1/4 wide in the middle of it. you will need two of these but one without the hole in it. Get some cardboard and make strips about  6in long and 1 1/2 cm wide. then glue them to the base board. ( as shown in pics)

Step 4: Glueing

now glue the electronics into the shell like so. then put the top on it and glue it shut. make sure the small motor with wheels go in the the hole that you made earlier.

Step 5:

Step 6: Add the Plow

simply take a piece of cardboard curve it and glue it to the front

Step 7: Done

simply to use it, turn it on, and move it around with your finger. hey its fun simple and it shovels up your mess

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