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Introduction: Diabetes Essential Equipment Kit

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A Diabetes essential equipment kit will be very usefull for diabetes people.The image shown below is the final product.Let's see what it containtains
Sorry for my bad english.
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You need a bag and all the next products
Made especially for health by design contest
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Step 1: Glucagon Emergency Injection

This is an injection of glucagon that raises the level of glucose in the blood. Needs no refrigeration. The bright orange protective case makes it easy to travel with, and easy to find in an emergency. If you become hypoglycemic friends or family can give you this injection if you can’t take sugar by mouth

Step 2: Insulin Delivery System

This is an insulin delivery system that offers you an easy way to deliver from 2 to 70 units of insulin.  It is easy to use so I include it in this kit.

Step 3: Penfill

This is used as a cartridge for novo pens and is really useful for insulin dependent people so it deserves to be in my kit.

Step 4: Needles

This is a needle which is used with novo pens.

Step 5: Alcohol Swabs

These swabs are can be really useful if you aren’t able to use a piece of cotton with some alcohol or you don’t want the alcohol bottle to take place in your kit. You can use these swabs before an injection.

Step 6: Lancets

Lancets are the fine needles used with a lancing device to draw a blood sample for glucose testing.

Step 7: Testing Strips

These are the strips which are used with a glucose testing machine.

Step 8: Blood Glucose Monitoring System

A blood glucose monitoring system helps you test your glucose with just a speck of blood

Step 9: Glucose Tablets

These are some tablets which contain 4g of glucose and are really useful in case of hypoglycemia

Step 10: Glucose Drink

Another good idea would be to also have a glucose drink.If your blood glucose is low you need do consume some carbohydrates and a glucose drink contains the needed carbohydrates.



Step 11: Long Lasting Carbohydrates

A good idea would be to add some sources of long lasting carbs such as a packet of cookies or a breakfast bar.

Step 12: Information Card

A good idea would be to print a card and have it in your kit which informs that you have diabetes(also include information like whether you are insulin dependent or not) and where do you live, telephone number, e-mail so if you lose your kit the one that will find it will be able to give it back to you.I made this with microsoft office publisher and converted it to pdf.


Step 13: Information Leaflet About Diabetes

You can create a leaflet that contains all the information about diabetes and its troubleshooting.

Step 14: That's It

That's it.Your awesome diabetes kit is ready 

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I'd also consider adding a breakfast bar or other source of long lasting carbohydrates.  I know that when I have a hypoglycemic emergency, I appear to get better with a small amount of glucose, but require a little more to keep me from keeling over fifteen minutes later.

    Great idea, posting the directions for a standard "kit."  I think I'll put one together, along with a list of my medications, doctor's phone #, and an epi-pen, which I need for some scary allergic reactions.  Thanks for posting this terrific instructable.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Christos You should probably include at least one tube of glucose goo in your kit.  A conscious but confused patient may not be able to take a tablet (choking hazard), but would be safe with goo.

    On your card you may want to print simple step by step instructions on how to administer glucose or glucagon.  I would start the instructions with "Call 911 and report a diabetic emergency". 

    Just my 2 cents worth... :)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I included it and added some other steps.Check them out


     I would add the text on the card "IF I  AM UNCONSCIOUS PLEASE DO NOT INJECT ME WITH INSULIN, IT CAN KILL ME" please give me sugar.

    It really is amazing the amount of people who die from people who believe they are doing good by injecting people because they have a syringe on them.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thats a great idea! 

    I work in fire/ems and it's surprising how many people don't know how to react to hypoglycemia and want to inject the unconscious or severely confused victim with insulin.