Introduction: Dice Tower

Hi All,

Today I will share how to make a dice tower, Though Dice towers are not as popular in India, I wanted to make it as decoration, So one can use this to play with kids or as a decoration. Most of the things used are avaliable at home and you do not need a 3d printer to build one

Few years back I made "falling dominos", which I made for my son, which he was not using / playing with, any more. So I decided to reuse them as stairs in the dice tower.

This helped in reducing build time too

Hope you like it, Please share your comments, Video Link

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Empty Pringle box
  • Wooden strips or blocks
  • Cardboard ( Corrugated box )
  • Tissue paper
  • Acrylic Paints
  • PVA glue / fevicol
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors

Step 2: Stairs

To Make Stairs

  • Measure inner diameter for the pringle box (Mine 70 mm)
  • Now we need to drill holes at 35 mm from corners
  • Refer the diagram, I drilled holes from flat edge at 30mm
  • Glue the wooden strips with inserting a skewer
  • Add a 70mm wood block, at the end to stop dice to roll on the back side, as shown
  • Add support dowels to it
  • Add a SemiCircle cover on the top
  • Slide everything inside the pringle box

Step 3: Tower

  • Cut a door at the bottom of the box
  • Cut 10mm strips for corrugated box
  • Glue these strips as shown to give a brick work
  • Leave sufficient gap of atleast 1 to 2 mm in between

Step 4: Top

  • To make a the top, we need two 90mm circles and long strip on 30mm
  • Stick the two circles together with one strip on the sides to make a small cylinder
  • Cut 15mm squares on another strip as shown 15mm and stick it on the cylinder as shown

Step 5: Base

  • For Base, cut a 100mm circle and 20 mm strips of cardboard
  • Glue the strip on the side of the circle to make as small cylinder as shown

Step 6: Paper Mache

  • Before we paint anything, we want to close holes and fill gaps
  • mix PVA glue ( fevicol ) + water in equal ratio in a container
  • Apply tissue paper and this mixture on base, top and tower as shown
  • Let it dry for few hours
  • We do not want to overdo, one or two layers are enough
  • Do not apply too much of the liquid mixture, as this could harm the overall shape of each structure

Step 7: Paint Job

  • I used acrylic colors
    • Brown paint as base
    • Dry brush : Green, White and hint of black
  • I highlighted all bricks using a black sketch pen
  • Even drew brick work on the base and top

Let it dry for few hours and then You are ready to play with it

I hope you like this, Please share comments and suggestions