Dice Trays




Introduction: Dice Trays

I loved making these, and we use them every time we play DND or WOD.

Step 1: What You Need:

Unfortunately, when I made these, I didn't even think about taking step by step photos. The Chests we use to keep our dice in, as well as back up trays if everyone is over.

What you need:

-Wooden Trays (and/or wooden chests) (about 4$ at walmart, or a few more at local craft stores)

-Sticky felt (purchased a random pack at walmart for about 5$)

-paint (any color cheapy paint works fine)

-chip brush

-stain (with cloth)


Step 2: What You Do:

-use your chip brush and paint the trays (or box), does't need to be "completely painted" , if you want a messy, rugged kinda look like i did. Let dry

-sand the paint after dried, taking some pieces off, but blending it into the wood

-stain and let dry

-once dry, take sticky felt, and cut a piece even to the bottom of the tray and stick on!

THERE YA GO :) your new awesome dice tray!

**if you want to paint the felt like i did, i used fabric paint and made stencils with some cardstock

have fun, hope you enjoyed!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This does solve the problem of people rolling on the table and knocking over stuff on the board.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! Yeah, we love them! their great, especially because we like playing on the couch, and with my dice table being incomplete, and the coffee table being too small for all of us, we can just have these on our lap, with all our dice in them!