Introduction: Dice Trays

I loved making these, and we use them every time we play DND or WOD.

Step 1: What You Need:

Unfortunately, when I made these, I didn't even think about taking step by step photos. The Chests we use to keep our dice in, as well as back up trays if everyone is over.

What you need:

-Wooden Trays (and/or wooden chests) (about 4$ at walmart, or a few more at local craft stores)

-Sticky felt (purchased a random pack at walmart for about 5$)

-paint (any color cheapy paint works fine)

-chip brush

-stain (with cloth)


Step 2: What You Do:

-use your chip brush and paint the trays (or box), does't need to be "completely painted" , if you want a messy, rugged kinda look like i did. Let dry

-sand the paint after dried, taking some pieces off, but blending it into the wood

-stain and let dry

-once dry, take sticky felt, and cut a piece even to the bottom of the tray and stick on!

THERE YA GO :) your new awesome dice tray!

**if you want to paint the felt like i did, i used fabric paint and made stencils with some cardstock

have fun, hope you enjoyed!