Introduction: Zinc & Copper Pendant

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This is what you get when you hammer air gun BB’s in to a penny and then polish off the copper to show the zinc.

To do it:

Place several BB’s between two pieces of aluminum tape. Lay a penny over the tape and cover it with another piece of tape.

Hammer the BB’s into the penny. Remove the penny from the layers of tape.

Place the penny on a piece of wood and use the head of a carriage bolt to hammer in a convex shape.

Solder a nail to the back side of the penny and mount it in a drill press. Spin in round and use progressively finer sand paper to shape and buff it. Finish it off with polishing compound and a cloth.

De-solder the nail from the penny before you drill a hole in one of the divots.

Make a jump ring for it to place it on a chain.