Introduction: Dinosaur Hoodie (Sweatshirt)

Make this cute jacket in an afternoon!
This project is a pretty simple design: a hoodie sweatshirt with a row of spikes going down the back.
It was inspired by a similar one I saw in a store...but that one was toddler size! Little kids get all the coolest stuff. So I decided to make a big-kid-sized one for my sister for Christmas. It's just her style and if I'm lucky I can "borrow" it and wear it myself.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


Sewing Machine
Nice Sharp Scissors
Seam Ripper or Small Knife
Sewing Pins
Fabric-Marking Pencil ( I just used a white colored pencil)


Piece of Cardstock (for pattern)
Plain-colored Zip-up Hoodie Jacket
Fabric (I find that using fabrics with siilar textures works best)

Step 2: Splitting the Hoodie

There is almost always a seam down the middle of the hood. Start by ripping that out using a seam ripper or small sharp knife (which is what I used because I don't have a seam ripper).

Then fold the hoodie in half, and cut down the middle of the back. *Be careful to line the sides up or later on your row of spikes will be crooked.

Step 3: Making the Spikes

First decide on the size and shape you want the spikes to be and cut out a pattern (cardstock works well).

Next figure out how many spikes you will have. This depends on the size and spacing. Mine are about 3 inches wide at the base and will be about 1 inch apart, so I estimated that I needed 10 spikes. (*Remember that they will be a good deal smaller after sewing. 10 ended up not being enough, so I had to make extras.)

Now trace your pattern onto the fabric and cut out twice the number of spikes (*2 sides to each spike).

Pair up your triangles and lay them face to face (wrong-side-out), then sew the top two sides- but not the base. Pin together if necessary.

When all this is done, turn the little triangle pockets right-side-out and you're ready to put it all together.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Fold the hoodie over wrong-side-out and place the spikes between the two layers, pointing inward (line up the base of the triangle pockets with the edges of the jacket) and pin in place.


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