Introduction: Dinosaur Planters

These dinosaur planters are a great and fun table centrepiece, gift or quirky home decor! Okay, so for a wedding they would be kind of alternative, but hey, I'm an alternative kind of girl, and if I ever get hitched I am totally having dinosaurs.

They are also easy to make, and they are a great use of old plastic toys that might otherwise end up in landfill. They are filled with succulent plants which are really easy to care for and to propagate.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

The first thing you need is the toy dinosaurs! The best ones to use are the big ones, rather than the little ones T-Rex on the right - he was too small and I did not end up using him. To get an idea of scale, the brachiasaurus at the back is about 16 inches long. The triceratops is about 12 inches long. This is the kind of dinosaur you are after! I would not try to use any smaller than about 8 inches long. If you don't have any that your kids have outgrown (or know anyone who does), try charity shops/thrift store. It is particularly worth asking if they have ones with names marked on them. People don't tend to buy them because they don't want their kids to play with toys that are obviously second-hand.

You will also need a craft or Stanley knife, a drill, spray paint in the colour of your choice, some potting medium and a succulent plant (see this instructable for more information on the last two).

Step 2: Carve Hole

The first thing you need to do is carve a hole in the back of each dinosaur to hold your plant. Draw it on in marker pen and then carefully use a knife to carve the shape out.

Step 3: Spray!

Next, spray your dinosaurs in the colour of your choice. I used pink! Ensure that you spray in a ventilated area (I did mine outside) and follow manufacturer's instructions. Use as many coats as required for good coverage (this will depend on the paint brand and the colour). Leave to dry thoroughly before continuing!

Step 4: Drill Some Drainage Holes

Now, you need to drill some drainage holes - don't do it before spray painting as you may clog the holes again. It is hard to see them in the picture, but they are there! Drill at least half a dozen holes, but try not to put them too close together, as this may cause the plastic of the dinosaur to crack or rip.

Step 5: Plant!

Next, add your potting medium to the planter, and add the plant of your choice. I found it easiest to add mine with a spoon. I then added the plants with a fork and spoon before adding more medium on top. Once you have done that, your planter is finished. Rawr! I hope you like them!