Introduction: Diy Automatic Food and Water for the Pet

This is a handy project that makes life a lot easier. If you are going on vacation and need to feed and water the pet then use this and save some money by not having to hire some one to take care of the pet. This can be used for any animal that are in a tank. This will only take a few hours to set up.


1. relay

2. motor from disk drive(optional)

3. clock module

4. stepper motor with driver

5. 3d printer

6. Arduino

7. L293d

8. wire

9. computer

10. bread board

11. container

12. food and water

13. water pump(optional)

Step 1: Water Pump

If you are looking to do this project you will need a mini water pump that can be purchased on amazon or the pet store. If you have a 3d printer and a motor you can create your own water pump for cheap. I used the model from Skimbal on Thingiverse but any model will do. Test out the pump and make sure it's water proof I used hot glue to cover up my motor so it wouldn't get rusty.

Step 2: Feeder

For this I used the model from Trevor_DIY and scaled it up so insects can fit in mine. I also created a top piece that I hot Glued on top so they couldn't get out. I used a cheap stepper motor that came with a Arduino kit. You will also want to test it out and make sure ever thing is working correctly. I had to add some weight to mine because there was a gap that the insects could get through. That's what the rocks are for and to make it more natural.

Step 3: Watering

Fill the container with water(I used a bucket) and place the pump into the water and hook it up to the Arduino. I used a piece of pipe I found and drilled some holes into it so it could drip. Then I added magnets on to the other side so I could place it on my lid of my tank. The tested it to make sure there were no leaks and nothing would go wrong.

Step 4: Electronics and Set Up

You can arrange were things go one the bread board and what pins you will use. This is how I did it for my needs(excuse the camera quality). You may also want to add a LCD screen or a temp. and humidity module as well as some led to make it flashy. Also make sure you go into the sketch and set the correct time for the clock and the alarms you want. I would love to see what you guys use this project for so please post some pictures of your final project and don't forget to vote for this project in the pets contest. I will leave a code down below that Korneliusz Jarzebski created but I modified it for the motor and water pump. Now put up this project and let it do its magic and your pets will love you because you didn't forget to feed or water it.


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