Introduction: Diy Carved in Wood Buterfly

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hi everyone

what you will need is- cardboard or paper, masking tape, pencil, square piece of wood, size is upto you. dremel with dremel deburr bit (optional. sanding piece, utility knife, and a chisel

Step 1: Get Ready

gather all that is on the list i gave you and if you have the room lay them out near you,

that way you dont hav e to keep checking on what you need,

Step 2: Draw Your Butterfly ,make a Template


firstly draw a butterfly or what ever you want to draw, on to your cardboard,

then using the masking tape and your bit of wood,

tape the drawn piece of cardboard to the bit of wood,

and draw a pencil line all round your drawing,

try and keep as close to the edge of the cardboard as possible,

i forgot and am sorry but i had to go backwards as i wasnt planning on putting it on instructables as i dont think its that good,

so i back tracked

Step 3: Remove and Cut

remove the masking tape and your drawing,

and now using the utility knife cut along your pencil outline

take your time and get the knife to stay on the pencil line,

then using the chisel, and mallet chisel the outline cut then score here and there inside the lines,

then carefully chisel out the inside ,until you have your piece nicely carved,

Step 4: Deburr

finally any ruff bits left from the chiseling use a de-burr bit for the dremel ,

then sand it,

and varnish if you like ,

and there you have a carved in butterfly.

some pics wouldnt upload but i finished off mine with a bit more carving as the sides were not semetrical ,

and im thinking of varnishing it.

any way.

stay safe and happy crafting,

much love


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Step 6:

Step 7: