Introduction: Diy Flower Pen

I will be showing you how to make your own flower pen. The materials you will need are an artificial flower, a pen of your own colored choice, and pliers. Normally, you would use regular floral tape, but I decided to decorate mine a bit more so I used floral ribbon and glue.

Step 1: Use Your Pliers to Cut a A Flower Off of the Bunch

You can cut the flower whatever length you choose.

Step 2: Cut a Piece of Ribbon

Just like the flower, you can cut the ribbon whatever length you want.

Step 3: Get Your Glue and Put It Onto the Ribbon

Step 4: Before Putting the Ribbon Onto the Pen and Flower, Make Sure That the Pen Lines Up With the Flower Just Like the Image

Step 5: Glue the Ribbon on and Enjoy Your Flower Pen!

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