Introduction: Diy ( Lazy Pedicure)

Ever been in a position when you are soo busy to look after your feet? and hence when that special day arrives you are in desperate need of pedicure but lazy enough to actually do one??

I have been in this situation and trust me it is a worst situation to be in!!

I used to have the most beautiful feet, but now they are seriously a nightmare.

I really am lazy enough to actually pamper my foot when I really can lay down and watch T.V but the fact that these feet are ACTUALLY MINE i had to do something about all the cracks.

I could had used scrubs and creams and lotions but wouldn't had that taken lots to time and effort??

I found a better way. I found my idea of quick pedicure.

I needed somthing scrubby for the cracks, hydrating for my foot and cleanser so as i offer prayer I simply can wash + scrub in one go.

I was analyzing of what to do , when I found my favorite product.

I am obsessed with lush cosmetics.

I am in search of things I could copy of lush and get some ideas. they have this soap for foot called pumice power.

as soon as i saw it I knew i had to give this soap a try to get rid of the crackled heels.

of course I could buy it any time i wanted. but due to the fact that lush wipe out all of it's shops from India two years ago, getting that product was at it's lowest probability.

so if I can't buy I surely could DIY it.

Step 1: You Need

I simply saw the description of ingredients and I begun to collect my ingredients.

all I needed and you will need are,

Pumice powder

melt and pour Soap base clear

Food coloring ( club house)

Essential oils

half egg shaped mold

All of the essential oils are used from

Soap base that i used is from green junction at ebay. Link is below

Step 2: Add Pumice Powder to Kinder Joy Mold

finding a half egg shaped mold was the biggest challenge for this diy. I wanted the signature shape as i was lush obsessed. but i didn't wanted to spent a ton on a seperate mold just for this diy.

plastic the MOTHER of cheap diy. so i simply used plastic mold of kinder joy for this project.

One more thing:-

If you don't have pumice powder simply crush pumice stone with a hammer to make powder. ( don't go into buying the expensive stuff just make sure you get the original pumice stone, i.e natural rock formed by lava)

I used vega pumice stone.

Step 3: Add Food Colouring

if you have mica powder feel free to use it. as i didn't had it so i used food colouring only the draw back is that it seeps colour when not in use. ( an ugly sight to watch lol)

Step 4: Soap Base

well lush uses rapeseed and coconut based soap. with added glycerin

i used glycerin, coconut based soap

Step 5: Add It All to Your Soap Base


melt your clear soap base in microwave, make sure not to boil the soap and to only melt it. Once it is melted add these ingredients to your soap and give it a very quick mix.

Step 6: Quickly Pour It to Your Mold

as soon as your soap base begin to thicken up due to ingredients. add them to your kinder joy mold.

( this mold is very sensitive to heat) you may use any other mold but i preferred to use this one to keep the lush"s shape alike.

Step 7:

add orange and neroli essential oil ( or any of your choice)


Use very less amount of orange essential oil.

Step 8: Stir

Step 9: Let Dry Overnight

Step 10: Gif for the Final Reveal

Step 11: Check the Gif for Final Reveal for the Non Pro Members

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