Introduction: Diy Minimalist Wallet

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This instructables will teach you how to make your very own minimalist wallet. These wallets usually cost anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars, but now you can make your own using only a couple cents worth of filament.
Here are some benefits of this wallet.
• it is very cheap if you own a 3D printer.
• It is flexible and small making it barely noticeable in your pocket.
• it is only as big as it has to be.
• its simple and easy to make.
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Step 1: Getting Started

This project is going to use the free online software called tinkercad. The first thing we need to do is create a 88x56x1mm box and 32x18x20 box centered as shown. Next, you must make a box(size isnt that important) and angle it as shown. Then reflect it and subtract them from the red box. This can be done by making the objects you want to subtract holes.

Step 2: Keep Going

The next thing we are going to have to do is make the trapezoid we got from step one and make it a hole to subtract it from the white box.

Step 3: Rubber Band Slots

Now we need to create a 13x5x20mm box an place it 8mm below the center of the white box and 3mm in. Duplicate it and move it up 16mm. Now you will need to reflect the same thing on the other side. Now make the 4 boxes holes and subtract them from the white box.

Step 4: Assembly

Now that the design is finished it needs to be 3D printed. Make sure you print two of the design for each side of the wallet. I printed mine on a lulzbot mini. Use rubber bands to hold the two pannels together.

Step 5: Your Done

You have finished making your 3D printed, minimalists wallet. This wallet can hold cards and cash. If you liked this instructables, please vote for it in the faux real contest. Thank you.
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