Introduction: Faux Stone Figure

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Hi everyone. In this instructables you will learn how to make your own Faux Stone Figure. It is really easy and quite satisfying to see the project unfold. For this instructables you will need the following:
• Hobby knife
• Plumbers epoxy
• Paints (ivory, brown, earth washes)

If you do end up making this project please share pictures. It’s great to see what i can make but it's even more satisfying to see what others can do with it. Remember to *Vote for this project in the Faux Real Contest.*
Thank you.

Step 1: Getting Started

The first thing you will want to do for this project is mix your epoxy. I used standard milliput. Make sure you use equal amounts of both components or your model may not cure right. Also, you must mix it well so that the colors blend completely, otherwise it will not cure correctly. The best way to ensure you have done it right is to knead it for 4-5 minutes.

Step 2: The Sculpt

Next, you should make a really basic model of what you want the final product to look like. I chose to make a bear. Im not really going to go in depth on sculpting because in all honesty, it doesn’t have to be that great for this project. The most important thing is that it resembles the object/animal you are going to be "making in stone." Let the epoxy cure overnight or until it is rock hard.

Step 3: Chisseling

Once the sculpt is fully cured, you may begin to use a hobby nice to slice any round surfaces. This is meant to create a chisseled look. Make sure that there are not any round parts left in the model. By now your object should look sort of jagged. Sand sharp corners slightly to give it a more organic look, while still keeping the chisseled effect.

Step 4: Painting It Stone

Now that we have our chisseled epoxy figure, its time to make it a chisseled stone figure. You will need the following paint colors. (Ivory, Brown, and Earth colored washes. I used vallejo paints and citadel washes. First you. Will need to prime the figure white. Now basecoat the figure in ivory. After it has dried, apply earth colored washes. Next, use a sponge paper towel with very little brown paint and lightly dab it all over the figure. Do the same with ivory, but not as generously.

Step 5: Final Effects

The last an probably most important thing for you to do is add imperfections. Take a thin brush with brown paint and make long, solid strokes over figure creating a variation in the rock texture. Imperfections bring realism. Now coat the figure in clear nail polish.

Step 6: Its Done!

Awesome! Now you have your very own, unique "stone" figure. It looks and feels like rock. If you liked this instructables, please like it and Vote for it in the Faux Real Contest.
Thank you.

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