Introduction: Diy Test Tube Planter

About: hello people, i am hobbiest as well as architecture and designing student. i love to explore different materials. i work with wood, concrete, leather, paper, clay. i love painting and sculpture making.

In the time of lockdown, others were busy watching series and movies while I was experimenting with concrete and waste material.

In this project, I used my waste test tube which I got back in school for my chemistry class. Also, I made many products using concrete casting and this project is one of them. I love plants and in this time of pandemic when we have to work from home, these small planters give me the inspiration to work and so I keep them on my desk. Another small function is attached to it where I can write a quote or message on paper and keep in u-pin I have cast along with.


  • White cement
  • Waste container
  • 1 test tube
  • U-pin
  • Sellotape
  • Cutter
  • Marker
  • Scale or roller scale
  • Waste cardboard box (I used the box of bulb size 8*8*16cm)
  • Sandpaper

Step 1:

To start, take a waste cardboard box and cut it in an 8*8*8 cm dimension. If you don't have the box of the same size than you can use any plastic container or you can make 1 from cardboard. Here I used a waste cardboard box and cut it into 8*8*8 cm. I tapered the sellotape on the edges of the cardboard so incase of any puncture in the box the cement doesn't come out.

NOTE: always use good quality cardboard for cement casting or else the shape will be deformed.

Step 2:

Now take a waste container and add white cement in the container. Add water gradually and mix along with the adding. The ratio of water and cement will be 25*75 percent approximately. The mixture should be semi-thick nor so watery nor so solid.

Step 3:

Now transfer the mixture to the cardboard box from the container and tap the box along with to remove air or bubbles. Insert 1/3 the test tube into cement and again tap the box to flatten the surface. I used spoons to hold a test tube for support so it can stay straight.

Step 4:

Also, I added u-pin into the cement after the test tube you can skip this if you don't want to. I Added u-pin to clip motivational thoughts which keep me charged during the lockdown.

Let it dry for the whole night or for 12 to 16 hours and remove the cardboard box. Now our planter is almost ready but yet not very clean and neat so we need to sand it a bit with sandpaper to smoothen it and remove extra material from the edges.

Step 5:

Soak the planter in a tube of water so that the cement part of the planter will be stronger and smooth. Add water in the test tube and also add a planter. I used a money plant creeper plant for my project you can use any hydroponic plant. The money plant is also known as Hydrocotyle Vulgaris, a lucky plant or copper coin.

Now enjoy your piece!

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