Introduction: Origami Lily Flower Earrings

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Hello everyone, I am Jahnvi Trivedi and I am back with my new Instructables which is origami lily flower earrings. I love doing origami and I often make different object with the help of origami but this time my purpose was different. I am in India and here we have lock down for 28 days because of the current situation world is facing but we should keep hopes and be safe as well. so while getting bored with my old jewelry and ornaments I got an idea of making earrings with origami and that is how I created this Instructable. Creating earrings with paper and with origami is a bit difficult because the object is small in scale and lily flower is complex for origami so, I am sharing PDF, picture and also the video, so that it will be easy for you to understand.If still you fin difficulties in making tiny lily that first practice with the large size like 15cm x 15cm (size of paper i have taken in video). As i feel that lily flower is complex origami so, I am sharing the video of large scale lily flower because smaller scale will be difficult to understand but the same way we will make the smaller one, with lots of care. so let's get started and at the end you will have a pair of lily flowers in your ears.....


  • Paper(6cm x 6cm)
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Thread
  • Ear connector

Step 1:

  • Cut out 6cm x 6cm square from paper with the help of cutter and scale.
  • Fold paper as shown in the picture or pdf. Refer video for more understanding.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Take help of pencil to roll the petal part of flower.
  • Attach flower with ear connector with the help of thread. Make sure that the thread is of same color.

I enjoyed wearing these beautiful lilies. I hope you enjoyed my Instructable. Also share your picture to me if you make this.Don't forget to give your valuable feedback.......

Thank you:)

Step 4: VIDEO

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