Introduction: Bench on Wheels

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Hello everyone, I am Jahnvi Trivedi and I am back with my new Instructables, which is "Bench on wheels". Basically, it is the bench made out of waste old tires of car and wooden strips of old rack, which was in my storage for years. I made it with the help of my friends to keep it in the garden and to enjoy sun bath with the mug of hot coffee everyday. I enjoyed making it so much and also it was difficult to work with the tires but don't worry I have easy way out without machines and only with the tire cutter. I got inspiration of making this bench from tires, which was lying in my backyard for months and I wanted to make something useful out of it. something colorful and different. The material I had used is old, and tires were puncher-ed too. I had used tires according to my need, it is not necessary that you also use the same tires. The only thing you need to keep in mind while choosing tires is, tires should be little thick so that it can take the load and so the structure will be strong. My need was to make something with the height of 45 to 50 cm. Also make sure your tires are of same size or else your bench will not be straight and comfortable. wood used should be hard wood so that it ll be better to keep outside in sun or rain. so let's start with the Instructable and i hope you guys will enjoy it. Don't forget to give your valuable reviews on the comment section. so let's go.......


Dimension of Bench: 1200 mm x 600 mm x 450 mm


  • 4 Tires of equal size, I used Apollo and Bridge stone S 322 tires of 20 inches diameter (measured by measuring tape),do measure the tire with the tape before starting.
  • 7 wooden strip of 50*50 mm cross section and 1200 mm long. (I used beech wood, but you can use any hard wood)
  • 2 Wooden strip of 650 mm long and 50*50 mm cross section (thick
  • Nut & Bolts
  • Marker
  • waste clothe


  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Metal/ steel cutting blade (A30RBF of 10 cm diameter)
  • chisel
  • gloves
  • Drill and Drillbits
  • wood sanding machine or sand paper
  • Hand saw
  • Wrenches
  • safety glasses


  • 3 bottles of yellow spray paints
  • 3 bottles of sea green paint
  • 250 ml grey oil paint
  • Brushes
  • Turpentine


  • Measure the four tires, no matter if they are of different company but it should be same in size.
  • Make sure you are wearing gloves because while cutting tires rubber will get heated and it can harm you.
  • Make sure you are wearing safety glasses.
  • wooden strips should be equal in size. 1200 mm length and 50*50 mm side section and 2 strips of 600 mm should also be same. so send the stripe with the help of grinder (if available) or sending machine. Texture of strips should be smooth.

Step 2: MARKING OF TIRE NO. 1 & 2

  • After cleaning the tire with water, dry it in the sun so that bad bacteria will get removed.
  • We are doing this mark to fix the height of bench. so marking is very important in this case.
  • Here we are giving numbers to the tire for better understanding.side tires of bench will be 1 and 2. Back tire on the bench will be 3 and 4.
  • On tire 1 mark the length of 15 cm with the help of measuring tap, from one side(as shown in the picture).
  • The thickness of my tire was around 20 cm and the square mark will be on the right and left side of the tire at 15 cm height.
  • Make the square of 50*50 cm precisely on the both left and right side of the tire with the help of marker.
  • Do the same process with tire no-2.

Step 3: CUTTING THE TIRE 1 & 2

  • Now it is time to cut the marked squares with the help of tire cutting blade.
  • Don't forget to wear gloves.
  • Keep an extra tire under the tire, which you are cutting, that will help u in support or cutting.
  • Cut the square mark's of 50*50 mm on left and right side of tire no-1.
  • Do the same with tire two.
  • Always cut precisely because we need the exact size of puncture to insert wooden strip inside.
  • Tires always have wire mac hie in it's structure so it is difficult to make puncture. so take the help of chisel and hammer to make puncture.
  • Now we have done 2 punctures on tire 1 on left and right side. Do the same with tire two.
  • Insert the wooden strip(600 mm long) through the punctures of tire 1 and do the same with tire 2.
  • Keep some of the part of the strip out of tire to give better structure.
  • Keep extra blades for tire cutter because after cutting 2 tires you need to change the blade again.


  • Now to insert tire 3 and 4 we need to cut one more puncture on the tire 1 and as well as tire 2.
  • The puncture will be exactly on the upper side of the wooden strip(to create a lap joint) and also on the left and right side of tire.
  • For better adjustment you can also remove little part of the tire from left and right side of tire, where wooden stripes are going to rest.(as shown in the picture-3)
  • Do the same punctures on tire 4.
  • Insert a wooden stick of 1200 mm length into tires 3 and 4 horizontally.
  • Insert the 600 mm long stick on the other puncture and insert the tire 1, which we did punctured in last step.
  • do the same with tire 4.
  • Now, the structure of the bench is ready with four tires with tire 1 & 2 with 2-2 punctures and 3-4 with 4-4 punctures and total 3 strips inserted, two of 600 mm length and one of 1200 mm length.
  • Now, it is time to attach wooden strips horizontally.
  • Left 3 to 5 cm of area of wooden strip and drill all the 1200 mm long strips on both the sides.
  • The wooden stripes are going to rest on the 600 mm long strips, with the help of nut and bolt.
  • Attach total 6 strips on equal distance and nut bolt them.
  • All nut bolt the strips inside the tire, to give better strength.
  • Tight them with the help of wrench


  • After nut bolting all the members, clean the areas of bench.
  • Do not forget to keep little part of wooden strip out of the tire.This helps to keep tire in place and gives bench a long life.
  • First start with tire 1 & 2 and paint them yellow.
  • Than paint tire 3 & 4 green and at last paint wooden strips grey with the help of brush.
  • Let them dry for a night.
  • Clean the brush with the help of turpentine.
  • You can also grow plants in the 4 tires, and make them more beautiful.

I hope you liked my Instructable and enjoyed it.

Thank You.........

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