Introduction: Doctor Who Shadow Box

About: I'm 14 years old and I love to do crafts and make art, I especially love sculpting, whenever I make a creation of mine I like to give it to a friend or family member :)

I already made the shadow box after thinking uploading it to here so I hope my directions explain enough

•shadow box
•paint- black, light &dark blue, purple, pink, red, white and tardis blue
•paint brushes
•a small watch with chain (optional)
•white foam paper
•paper and sharpie
•glue (I'm using E6000)
•glaze (optional)

Step 1: Paint Shadow Box

I started out with a plain shadow box, you can make yours or buy one, I bought mine, I decided on the inside I wanted it to be a galaxy so first I paint the background black then make color of galaxy's in the background by making the shades go a lighter color in the middle and darker around it, after that I just put stars around it by painting white dots everywhere, for the outside of the box I painted it a tardis blue

Step 2: Make the Tardis

I made the tardis out of clay I had, if you have anything better to build it with then I suggest that, but first I made a rectangular shape out of tin foil, then put scrape clay around it to make a rectangle then cooked it for the packaged time, after than I took some blue clay the shade of the tardis and warped it around the scrap clay block, after that made indentations where the doors are for the tardis and outlined the windows and outside of door, I only did the for 2 sides since that's all you would see, after that I added the roof with 2 rectangles and the bulb on top and add a sign where the police public call box would be, then I baked the finish of the tardis and painted black with white words where police public call box would be, painted the windows white then blue stripes, paint the sign on the front as a little white rectangle with black lines and paint the bulb on top, after all this dried I also put a glaze on it, glue the tardis down where you prefer, I suggest using a reference photo if you can

Step 3: Adding Quote and Watch

All I did for the watch was grab an old clock charm I had and added chain the glued it down, for the quote I took a piece of paper and wrote "be extraordinary" on it and glued it to a white foam paper

Step 4: Finished Product

After gluing all the parts down you should be finished, congrats you have a doctor who shadow box.