Introduction: Super Natural Shadow Box

About: I'm 14 years old and I love to do crafts and make art, I especially love sculpting, whenever I make a creation of mine I like to give it to a friend or family member :)
My aunt is obsessed with super natural so I decided to make a shadow box for her

•paint and brushes
•clay gloss (optional)
•shadow box

Step 1: Clay Figures

First I started by making the car then Sam and dean
Clay steps-
Car- I made it from a plain white block of clay and started cutting it down and sculpting it till I liked the shape, then I made details where the windows would be and made the wheels to glue on in the end
Sam- I started by measuring how tall he should be next to the car, I made his head a plain sphere added a cylinder, then took strips of clay and made it into his hair, after that I took a thin sheet of clay folded a small part over, add buttons then the arms
Dean- similar to Sam, I measured how tall he should be next to Sam, I made his head with a sphere and body with a cylinder, then put a thin layer on clay on his head and added a triangular piece on too and blended it in for his hair, this added his jacket with the edges flaring out then added the arms

After you make all the these clay pieces you bake them add on any extra pieces and paint

Step 2: Painting Shadow Box

I painted the outside a dark purple and the inside cloudy colors and added the anti-possession sign on it, I also added the devil' strap on the back

Painting the inside-
I started by outlining a cloud like shape in back and painted around it, I also paint a line through it in black, then around some of the edges I blended a navy blue into it, I also blended random shapes of light blue to white in some spaces and added turquoise in extra places, after this I painted the side with the car, Sam and dean green for a grassy look, then I added the anti-possession sign in white

Painting the outside-
Around the box I painted it a solid dark purple and on the back of the box I added the devil's trap

Step 3: Gluing Down Everything

After you've created the characters and painted the box you glue down the car to the bottom with Sam and dean next to it, you can also gloss your clay figurines if you want. After that your finished