Introduction: Dog Bed - Recycling Old Pillows

This is my first instructable, so i hope you will enjoy it.
I already have a store brought dog bed which my blue healer uses in our lounge room.
Yet i wanted another one beside my bed where he sleeps at night.

I had a old quilt folded on the floor for him but he would mess it up each night, it would also get a little dangerous if i needed to get up in the dark.

So this idea came from changing over our bed pillows again.
And storing the old ones that become lumpy or flat.
And i noticed that i had a little collection of them because i didn't want to throw them away.

So, I used 4 old pillows in total.
I used a sewing machine and also a needle and thread and come velcro. (later)
( You could just use a needle and thread if you don't have a sewing machine. )

Step 1: Open Up the Pillows.

I cut a little hole in the corner of one of old my lumpy pillows to see what it was made of first.
Very important.. (as you don't want a mess of feathers or diced up foam everywhere in the house).
If you do have feathers or diced foam, grab a storage container (those plastic ones) or plastic bag, garbage bag to empty into for reuse later.

I was lucky with all my pillows, as they had a white matting type martial.
So i pulled at the small cut , ripping down the fabrics seam and followed the line of the marital down each side. Then across pulling out the stuffing.

I ripped the cover of the old pillow all the way around the edges to give me two separate pieces of fabric.
I then folded over one of the pieces and sewed one of the short ends and then long end closed.
Leaving the other small end open for stuffing..

I pulled the stuffing that was in the pillow in half and made two equal pills.
Then getting and old broom handle (which helped)
I packed the stuffing back into the roll and sewed the end shut.

I did 4 of these for the edges and then sewing all the edges together to make one big loop.
I was thinking about making it round, but i went for a squarish design instead. (easier).

Step 2: Sewing Up the Sides

I then was left with two other pillows one was huge, so i took the stuffing out and pulled it into two halfs to use on the base, so it wasnt so thick.
Although stuffing is a personal choice to how you would like it to took and feel.

I then only tacked on the corners of the base to the main sausage like sides,
This was for ease also to see how it would sit and if the dog liked it that way.
( I will change this now he likes it, to have Velcro on the corners)

I will also have a look around for a dye and throw the lot in for a wash and hang out to dry on the line.

This saved me $70 plus, on a new doggie bed. ( meduim to large ).
And it used up my old pillows that were destined for the trashcan.
Plus you could get really creative with the pillow rolls and design.

Thank you.

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