Introduction: Dog Flea-Free Soap Homemade

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This soap kill fleas during the bath
Make sure to wash your dog every week
I've had trouble with fleas and my dogs
This soap is natural
I do not like to use the flea shampoo because of all the chemicals
I found that is you place a flea in a glass of water
After a week has passed, the flea will turn into a tapeworm

Step 1: Materials

Vegetable soap

Tea tree oil





Step 2: Making the Soap

Cut or grate your soap
Place in the jar and add a few drops water a a tablespoon vinegar
Vinegar prevents fleas
I used oatmeal soap to soothe the flea bites on the dog
Place the jar in the microwave for 1 minute
The soap will rise so watch the soap carefully
Stir the soap until liquid and foamy
Place the soap melt into a mold
Wait a day until firm

Step 3: Results

How to use:

Wet the dog with water
Lather the dog in soap until foamy
Wait five minutes
Spray the dog with water to get rid of the dead fleas