Introduction: Dog Muzzle Face Mask

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Anne Frank supposedly said that “no one has ever become poor by giving”. It’s a universal truth that has been visible in the Czech republic for the past months. I am not talking only about all those people who sew masks for everyone else and other people helping others during the pandemic, I am talking especially about all the people who are collecting money for 3 little boys who suffer the spinal muscular atrophy and need 2.250.000 Euro each for the treatment that can save their lives. One of those boys is Oliver, the volunteers are organizing auctions for him. I contributed some of the things I made but I also wanted to make something especially for the auction for this beautiful little guy. I decided to make the dog muzzle face mask, or better a pair of them – for a child and a parent.

You can find the pattern here and use for yourself, any other person in need or even a charity. I am not a sewing professional so excuse the imperfections of the pattern. However, it’s just a few simple lines and I believe what I drew is enough. This face mask has a wire on the bridge and doesn’t have a filter pocket. If you want to add a pocket, use the corresponding steps of this tutorial, the pattern is the same.



100% cotton fabric for the mask, mouth, tongue and nose

100% cotton tie/string about 150 cm long

cotton thread


pen or pencil


safety pin

wire – I used 1mm thick but you can use a thiscker one as well

wire pliers – round and cutting

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

First wash the colored fabrics separately in boiling water as many times as it takes for the fabric to stop staining. This will also pre-shrink your fabric so it doesn’t shring when you sterilize it after every use. Dry and iron.

1. Cut two layers for the mask. The pattern for the mask is one half of the mask, so cut it on fold to get one layer.

2. The pattern for the mouth is one half, so cut it on fold.

3. The pattern for the nose is one half, so cut it on fold.

4. The pattern for the tongue doesn’t need to be cut on fold.

Step 2: Face

1. Place the shapes on the mask layer to see where they will be.

2. On one layer (this will be the outside of your mask) stitch first the tongue. I used a zigzag stitch.

3. Stitch the mouth on top of the tongue. Here I used the straight stitch.

4. And stitch on the nose as last. Again, I used the straight stitch.

Step 3: Shape

1. Fold each layer in half the right sides together and stitch the two short diagonal edges.

2. Open

3. Place both layers right sides together and pin well. Especially the centers have to be aligned.

4. Stitch three sides together, leave one short side open. Use this opening to turn the mask right side out. Stitch the long sides about 0,5 cm from the edge, this will create a tunnel for the wire.

Step 4: Insert Wire and Finish

1. Fold the stitched short side 1,5 cm in and stitch.

2. Use the round pliers to make a loop at the end of the wire.

3. Push the wire through the open short side in the tunnel at the top of the mask.

4. and 5. Bend the mask with the wire inside about 3 cm from the open edge. Pull the wire out until you see where it bends.

6. Cut where the wire bends and make another loop.

7. Push the wire back in.

8. Fold the open edge 1,5 cm and stitch.

9. Pin the safety pin to the tie/string and pull it through the tunnels. Start on the top of one tunnel, pull the tie down then come in the other tunnel from down up. This way you create a loop for the neck and you’ll just need to tie the top of the mask.

The Dog Muzzle Face Mask is done, don’t forget to sterilize it after every use!