Introduction: Dog Tag

Using this instructable guide, you will be able to make a dog tag.

Step 1: 3d CAD File

Start by downloading the CAD file into the Text off 2d design software.

Step 2: Milling the CAD File

You CAD File will now have to be milled. Before sending the file to the milling computer operating the milling machine, you must position your mould according to the positioning of the slot mill that you will be using. Once this is done you will be able to send the CAD file to the milling Machine. Make sure you place the file into the "Slot Mill" folder. However, if you want the design to have a slanted edge, you may place it into the engraving tool file.

Step 3:

Once machine has finished milling the CAD file, it will produce polyethylene cubed foam with the Design slot milled into the the foam.

Step 4: Well and Runner

Now, you will need to create a well and a runner for the pewter to properly flow through the mould and make the design. Use the Dremel to make a well on the bottom left of the of the mould. Make sure the well is half way deep 2 cm wide and around 3 cm long. Beside the well will be a runner leading the pewter into the mould. Using the dremel create another 2 cm tunnel around half way deep, but leave a 5mm space between the mould and runner. Now using a knife, create a 5 mm wide tunnel leading into the mould.

Step 5: Casting

To prepare the mould for casting, attach a blank foam that is of similar size to the one with your mould, using elastic. Make sure that it firm enough and the two foams will hold together properly. Before placing into the casting machine, you must put on an apron, safety glasses and gloves to protect your body from the hot pewter. Once you have done that, using one hand, place the well 1 cm from the tube inside the casting machine and allow someone else to pour in the pewter for you. Once all the pewter has filled the mould, remove the mould from the casting machine and with your free hand, hold the top of the foam like a crane to place on the rack to dry and solidify.

Step 6: Removing the Mould/pewter

Once it is dry, you can remove the pewter cast using pliers. However if you want to envrave a design onto the finished product you must leave it inside the foam.

Step 7: Download 2nd Cadfile. (Design Included)

Download the Cadfile to commence the engraving process.

Step 8: Engraving

Position the pewter casted mould under the engraving so that the design is well centered on the dog tag. You may set the engraving tool few milimeters above the dog tag and run process to see a preview of wear it will engrave. Once it well positioned, you may set the machine to engrave 0.5 mm deep into the mould.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Once the engraving is finished, you may now remove the pewter from the foam using pliers. To remove the extra pewter on the sides of the product, sand it off using sand paper. The sand paper can also be used to finish the metal properly and make it smooth.

Step 10: Mounting the Product

Now you may mount the dog tag by hooking a small circle into the hole on top of the pewter. Loop a necklace around the circle once it is attached.