Introduction: Dollar Store Basket Transformation

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Baskets are basic for every home, they are so versatile and helpful to keeping things in place. They can be very expensive but today I'm going to show you how to make one I bought in the dollar store look great.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic laundry basket

Thick rope (I used like 5.5 meters)

1/2 meter of fabric


Glue gun

Sewing machine


Step 2: Glue Rope

Start from the bottom of the basket. Put a line of glue and place the rope on it. Keep putting more glue and rope until you reach the beginning. Try to keep every turn horizontally. Where there's holes in the basket just put dots of glue.

Step 3: Ending

This kind of rope is very hard tu cut, cut one strand at a time to make it easier. Glue the three stands at the end to avoid untangling.

Step 4: Bottom Fabric

We're going to cut the fabric now. Use a circular object that fits the size of the bottom of the basket, I used a lid. Place it in the fabric and draw a line following the shape of your object and adding 1/2 an inch more to consider the seam.

Step 5: Measure the Sides

Use a flexible measuring tape to see how long your strip of fabric has to be. Consider it to hang a little from the sides. The length of my strip was 22cm but I added 4 to consider the seam that goes sewn to the circle and the basting.

Measure your fabric to fit the size of your perimeter and the length

Step 6: Sew

Sew the ends of the long strip of fabric with medium size stitches.
The bottom part of the basket is smaller than the upper part so we need to sew some parts in the long strip of fabric to make it fit the shape of the basket.
To do so divide the length in 5 parts and hold each part with sewing pins. My size of basket requiered these parts to be one inch each so I folded the fabric in each mark and measured half an inch where I put the sewing pins to mark where I was going to sew.
Remember to sew this in diagonal so the upper part still keeps the size.
After sewing all these put it inside the basket to make sure it fits right.

Step 7: Bottom Circle

Sew the bottom circle to your fitted fabric and then sew the bastile.
Cut all the loose threads and iron your piece to give it a cleaner look.
There you have it! We turned an ugly plastic basket into one that looks way more expensive.

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