Introduction: Dolling Up the Doll House

We decided to spruce up our doll house.


A doll house

A glue gun

Embellishments of your choice.

Step 1: The Before Pic

Our doll house was overly pink and kind of plain.

The decorative embellishments were just printed on.

My better half painted it with some Minwax polyurethane stain.

That helped but more work was needed.

Step 2: Embellishments

After months of looking around, some items were located.

Step 3: But How Do You Attach Such Things

Why a glue gun of course.

Step 4: Rough It Up a Bit!

The area we want to adhere to must be a bit rough. A little sanding did the trick.

Step 5: The Glue

Hot melt glue is quite hot. If you work with it be very careful!!! You don't want this stuff on your skin.

Step 6: Add More Decor

This is fairly easy but you need to be quick. Squeeze out the glue and press the piece into place before it cools.

Step 7: Nice

This is much nicer. The grand kids will love it. Or they'll pick at it until it all comes off. But hey, I've got lots of glue sticks.

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