Introduction: Doodling Word Art

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Have you ever wanted a new way to create a picture? Well, here's a unique way to do it! Through simply labeling the picture with words, you are forming objects and even secretly helping yourself or your children practice your spelling an handwriting! It could be a fun craft for kids or adults, especially if you need a quiet activity for a long road trip! All you really need is paper and a pencil!

Step 1: Drawing Your House

Begin by drawing the main structure of your house, beginning with a triangle, then a square or rectangle underneath it.

Step 2: Adding Your Chimney, Door, and Horizon

Next, add in your chimney, horizon line, and the door and door handle.

Step 3: Adding Details to Your House

After your done with step 2, add in the windows of your house.

Step 4: Drawing the Details of Your Landscape

Now that you have finished your house, add in the details of your landscape so that your picture is more detailed.

Step 5: Writing Your First Words

Now, begin by repeatedly spell the word for the outline of your clouds so that it surrounds the cloud saying "cloud cloud cloud etc."

Step 6: Writing Your Roof

Now, repeatedly spell the word for the outline of your roof line by writing "Roof Roof Roof etc."

Step 7: Filling Your Door In

Next, repeatedly spell the word "Door Door Door etc." on your door, and only add "door handle" to the door handle once or twice.

Step 8: Creating Your Window and Window Frame

Next, add the window details to your house so that is repeatedly spells the word "Window Window Window etc." Then do the same with the window frame "Window frame Window frame etc.".

Step 9: Drawing in Your Chimney and Window

Now that you have finished your first window, finish your second window by doing the same as the first one. Then, repeatedly spell the word for the outline of your chimney so that is says "Chimney Chimney Chimney etc.".

Step 10: Writing Your Landscape Details In

Now for the last step, repeatedly spell "Lawn etc." on the horizon line. Then, in tiny letters repeatedly write "Grass etc." on the grass strips, and last but not least, add "rocks etc." and "Path etc." onto the pathway.

Step 11: Your Done With Your Art Piece!!!

Now step back and enjoy your art piece! Put it in a frame and let others enjoy it too! Hope you enjoyed this instructable!😊

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