Introduction: Double Barrel Card Pistol

Hi! I'm Angelo, a 14 year old F2 student living in Hong Kong. It was my dad who "discovered" and introduced me this website, after seeing all the amazing and creative projects that everybody made, i had a sudden urge to make my own projects. So, I like throwing cards, you can find cards almost everywhere in my house, under the bed, in the bathtub etc, but the problem is: my card throwing lacks a fast reload, accuracy and power. Here i introduce the Double Barrel Card Pistol, this instructable is easy to make, cheap, has both accuracy and power, and has a two shot barrel, hope you guys enjoyed it

Step 1: Materials:

To make this pistol, you'll need:

-Two 1.5cm diameter rubber bands

-popsicle sticks!!!


-normal paper

-whatever card it is

-play cards

-a piece of scrap foam

-a hot glue gun

Step 2: The Outside of the Handle

Its easy! Just grab a popsicle stick and cut it chamfer, and you got two handles.

Step 3: The Body

Ok, first get 4 popsicle sticks, mark a small ramp and the holster of the rubber bands like the second picture here, then cut 3 quarters of popsicle sticks.

Step 4: The Trigger

Just cut off the end of the popsicle stick like the first picture, the shorter side is about an inch, and the longer side is about 5/4 inch, the poke a hole wide enough for the pin to enter. Make 4 of them.

Step 5: Mechanism

the mechanism is easy, poke a hole into the 4 bodies about 1 cm away from the small "ramp" i mentioned in step 1, then stick one of the quarter popsicles on to the body about 2cm away from the "rubber band holster", afterwards, get a pin and stick it through the hole in the body and the trigger, just like fishballs, stick one of the handles on to the side with the trigger, apply hot glue on the top of the handle and the quarter of popsicle stick, then put another body through the pin and onto the mechanism, cut the sharp end of the pin (for safety reasons) and apple hot glue to the tip for reinforcement.

Step 6: Links to the Other Barrel

Get a quarter of popsicle stick and glue it parallel to the last one, get a spare trigger and glue it to the back of the gun, get something like this in the third picture and cut it in half, make three of them and glue them together parallel, stick them to the handle and cut off the edge.

Step 7: The Other Barrel

Repeat steps 1 to 5, and you'll be on your way to the next step

Step 8: Assemble of the Two Barrels

Apply glue on the quarter of popsicle stick on the first barrel, the "spare trigger", and the "handle" and stick the second mechanism to it.

Step 9: The Assemble of the Two Triggers

cut a 1*1 piece of scrap foam, apply glue on both sides and stick it between the two triggers, and a link is made.

Step 10: The Rubber Bands

get the rubber bands and hook em on the rubber band holster, two at a time, and you got a two card shotgun.

Step 11: Two Shots

So, you got the shotgun, but how to convert it to a two shot? you just have to peel off a bit from the first pair of "ramps", and you got a two shot effect.

Step 12: Modifications

If you tried it, you'll find that it has a fatal weakness: the cards just easily fall off! To prevent this, we'll have to cut off a pair of 1*3 normal paper, apply glue on it, fold it and stick it on the outer side of the barrel like the second picture, and cut off a pair of 1*2 cards, do the same process but stick it in the inner side of the barrel. The modifications are done.

Step 13: The Last Step: Reloading

Pull back the rubber bands and hook em on the ramps like that picture, and insert the cards into the slots, and you're ready to go!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!! :)

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