Introduction: Douglas Outdoor Planter Box DIY

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Welcome to my new instructable. In this post i will show you how i made this Planterbox from Douglas fir wood.

Step 1: Cutting to Size and Putting It Together.

The size of my douglas planterbox is 80x30x80 centimeters. I use douglas boards with a thickness of 2cm and a width of 20cm. I have let these board dry for 3 months. So they won't shrink anymore.

First i cut 10 boards to a size of 20x80 centimeters. and 2 to the size of 10x80 centimeters. For the inside i mostly use leftovers. my favorite size for that is 2x6 centimeters.

No it is time to put them together. i use a construction glue between the boards. after thank i mark the positions of the 2x6cm pieces. These i glue aswell and screw them on to the backside ( non visible side ) of the douglas boards. Let them dry for one hour.

Step 2: Putting the Sides Together and Add a Cloth Inside.

Now it is time to put everything together.

I screw all the 4 sides to eachother with the construction glue aswell. The screw holes i fill later with douglas sawdust and glue mix. The bottom of the planterbox is also made from leftover wood. These does not need to look good because you will not see it again.

After that i nailed the cloth inside so the compost soil won't leave the planterbox. After this i finish the top of the planterbox with 2x6 centimeter douglas boards. wich i corner cut on a angle of 45 degrees.

Step 3: Sanding and Finish.

Now it is time for the final part.

I first machine sanded it wit my beltsander. for the rough work. after that i used my sanding board to give it a smooth feel. and finally for some detail sanding i used a piece of sandpaper with the hand.

To protect the planterbox and give it a warm look i used boiled linseed oil.

I hope you like my project. please let me know. Do you want to see this project in full detail then go to my youtube channel and watch the video there.

Thank you!

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